Multi Cloud Operations: Visibility & Control

Multi-Cloud Operations 101






Comprehensive Visibility

Achieve visibility across AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle public clouds; Kubernetes; and VMware-based private and hybrid clouds.







Reduced Cloud Spend

Maintain control over costs as you move to the cloud. Working with VMware, you can reduce cloud spend by up to 40%.

reduced cost






Proven Solutions

Improve the management of your hybrid and public cloud environments. As the trusted choice, VMware helps more than 9,000 organizations manage over $11B of public cloud spend.

proven solutions

Better Manage All Your Clouds with VMware 

Optimize Costs

Stay under budget by effectively allocating costs for chargeback, monitoring increases in spend, and making better decisions around the use of reservations and savings plans.

Leverage cost optimization insights to drive increased accountability and improve the efficiency of your multi-cloud environment.

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Manage Security and Compliance


Continuously inspect cloud resource configurations and benchmark them against cloud, industry and custom security and compliance standards. Receive proactive notifications of potential security threats.

Empower your developers to detect and remediate risks in seconds before they become an issue.

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Streamline Operations

Govern the use of cloud resources to improve operational efficiency and security without negatively affecting your development and operational teams.

Easily maintain control over your infrastructure with custom policies and automated workflows that are uniquely based on how you want to run your multi-cloud environment.

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VMware Products for Multi-Cloud Operations

CloudHealth by VMware

Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security and governance in one place with a cloud management platform.

VMware Secure State

Mitigate risk through intelligent, real-time security insights.

vRealize Automation Cloud

Consume the latest software technologies seamlessly and efficiently.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud

Provide app-centric security and network visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Key Questions About Multi-Cloud Operations 

What is hybrid cloud vs. multi-cloud operations?

Hybrid cloud operations focus on consistent management of a common infrastructure layer based on technology deployed across clouds. Multi-cloud operations involve consistent management of two or more clouds that don’t have consistent infrastructure.?

What are the biggest challenges organizations face as they start to use public clouds?

Management across a multi-cloud environment can be a challenge for organizations, as well as increased costs and protecting workloads. Improving operational governance and automating core processes are also high priorities to solve.


Can VMware help manage operations when I have applications deployed natively on AWS or Azure?

Yes. VMware multi-cloud solutions are designed to help manage workloads that run on the native infrastructure of public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They can also help manage a hybrid or multi-cloud scenario that includes consistent infrastructure based on VMware technologies, running alongside natively deployed workloads in the cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the same VMware infrastructure foundation everywhere, including private cloud, public cloud and edge environments.

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App modernization

App Modernization

Speed up the process you use to build, run and manage all your applications across any cloud.

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